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Choosing and Advisor: Separate the Contenders from the Pretenders

This is a re-post from Guy Kawasaki's recent post on LinkedIn - These are almost the exact questions I often receive from growing companies.  Great wisdom as usual from Mr. Kawasaki. Choosing an Advisor: Separate the Contenders from the Pretenders Once upon a time there were two engineering PhDs who were clueless about how to start a company. All they knew how to do was code. They were so desperate for money and adult supervision that when an experienced businessperson showed interest and offered to help raise money, they, in their own words, “followed him like dogs.”
However, this adult didn’t know much about tech startups and caused them to make many mistakes in legal and financial matters. They parted ways but only after much aggravation and the significant legal expense of undoing incorrect decisions.
This is not an unusual story, and it’s an understandable one. First-time entre…