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Outrageous Customer Service

In this social media crazy-world, the consequences of not treating our customers well are larger than ever. We, as those running or coaching businesses, need to be fully attuned to the quality of service we are providing.
Customers can be classified into four groups:
1) Customers who have been offended
2) Unsatisfied customers who showed up today, but will abandon our business as soon as they get an opportunity
3) Mildly satisfied customers
4) Raving fans who spread word of our product or service every chance they get
We shouldn’t rest until all of our customers are raving fans. We need this not only because a word-of-mouth testimonial from a satisfied customer is one of the best forms of marketing available, but also because there is no way for us to tell the difference between groups 2 and 3. They rarely identify themselves.  
Consider this scenario:
You visit a restaurant that provides inedible food and even worse service—the waiter even openly mocks you. You'd likely complain to the…